John Dillon ioannes

This is a test page to see if it's picked up in google, and the others.

There is no advertising here, no monetisation. Yes, I have something to sell, but it is related totally to myself, and this page is a test of whether the individual can break through the google/Airbnb barrier that is between the consumer and the originating supplier. This barrier costs the consumer and the supplier about 15% of the price paid. I remember when the internet was a New Age, a gateway to information for free. Let's see. I have added a word to my two word name, the three words make a page within my web site... to get a web site is pretty cheap, and I think everyone should have one, as a birth right, we don't all need to use facebook. We can be ourselves... You can edit your own web site, and only those who keep old copies, in breach of your copyright, can interfere...

I'll be checking whether the words 'john dillon ioannes' get picked up on google etc.

I have actually used the word 'ioannes' in my email address for a long, long time. 'ioannes' is Greek for John, and he is one of the Evangelists, or writers, of the (Roman) accepted Christian Gospels. So, ... there you are. In the beginning was the Word.

The Word, of course, in the text, was God. Was it not? or so it seems. And so, as God was the originator, it implies, I think, that 'the Word', or original expression, was like the original expression of God. Or was it that God was the original expression? This reminds me of the monist religions, perfected and written down in 10th century India, as opposed to the dualist ideas we normally think of. Monist means that everything is one, so God is everything and reality is within that everything; dualist means that God that made everything (as in the Old Testament version, correct me if I'm wrong), so God, in dualism, is separate from everything - you can't be both creator of everything and part of everything. John, the Evangelist, does not say, dualistically, that God made everything in the beginning, but that in the beginning was 'the Word'. How better, in a few words, to express a monist point of view, by putting 'expression', rather than the expressor, at the beginning of this creation? Everything, therefore is the expression of God who is, as one might say, everything, but inclusive of everything.

This is a very simple, but abstract, idea - so, not for children - that reality was not created by someone else, but is the internal expression of someone, God. Beyond this someone, there is nothing - something has to be everything. Beyond God, as a dualist creator, there is also nothing, but beyond our universe, as part of a dualist idea, is something else, ie God or whatever. In dualism, we are looking up to the 'sky' so to speak, but in monism, we are trying to becoe aware of ourselves as expressions of God. Is this in the same way as we are expressions of our parents? Can God die and leave us behind, whether as dualist or monist? Our parents, I think, are dualist, but we think of them as monist and ourselves as within them. Either way, the death of God is a tragedy. Hm, it is difficult. I just tend to think of things.

So, back on Earth, at the moment, if I google 'John Dillon ioannes' I get this page link here, when I do it, and I wonder what you get if you search for 'John Dillon ioannes' in your google, and so what you _could_ do with your own name plus a random other name, and making yourself reach beyond and beout the variagated life of the ordinary and everyday everyperson.

Of course, there are issues of security. What if you were known? Complicated, multi-layered issue. But in the ordinary street-life world, it is quite possible to implement secrecy as appropriate to your needs and circumstances. (God sees everything, though! smiley face) So, for instance, it is quite easy to get privacy on a web site, to register it through some other entity, and this is advisable to avoid spam etc. Privacy is important: anyone who needs to contact you can do so, the rest need to prove their credentials, right?