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London apartments
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London apartments
London apartments
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Canary Riverside
Canary Riverside
Canary Riverside
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Aldgate, Two Bedroom Suite... [ID:1333]
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Executive Quality Serviced Apartments with 24 Hour Concierge
City of London, 6 Pax


- A selection of high-specification serviced luxury apartments in City of London.


- Aldgate is on the east side of City of Londonís finance district. A virbrant area with dynamic population typical of central London: residential, professional, local and diverse. Close to Shoreditch, Hoxton and Clerkenwell areas.


- a 24 hour concierge 365 days a year
- free WiFi Internet
- premium quality furnishings

Wide-screen televisions DVD players
Broadband Internet access Personal entry systems
Digital TV Luxury Gilchrist & Soames toiletries
High-powered shower
Fully-fitted contemporary kitchen, Full range of utensils High-specification bathroom
Multi-function dishwasher, Integrated washer/dryer Stainless steel oven/hob
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